The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

October 20, 2023
Palestine Protest at Wisconsin State Capitol

The Madison Chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine is sponsoring another rally in support of Palestine at 5 pm on Friday, Oct. 20 at the capitol in Madison.  Here is the instagram link.
Bring signs, flags and kuffiyehs. And please spread the word to everyone you know. We will be there, so come and join us.
Also, please keep speaking out wherever you can and keep the pressure on our government:
**Ceasefire Now, Stop the Bombing, Stop the Ground Invasion
**Immediate entry of humanitarian aid especially food and medical supplies into Gaza
**Restore power, fuel and water to Gaza
**Stop providing Israel with US weapons, military personnel, and political cover
CALL NOW! The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights has this link to call congress.
Finally, realize that much (if not most) of what you are reading and hearing in the mainstream media is not accurate and is serving to justify Israel’s decision to openly commit massive war crimes against a captive civilian population in Gaza (and on a smaller scale, in the West Bank.)
At our website we have a list of more reliable news sources.
We especially thank you for your support in these dark times.






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