March 9, 2024
International Women’s Day Celebration

Hosted by AFRICaide and 4W

Christ Presbyterian Church
944 E. Gorham Street
10:30 am – 4:00 pm

For more than a decade, the AFRICaide organization has been bringing together women and girls from all backgrounds to celebrate International Women’s Day here in Madison. 2024 marks the 10th year of the collaboration between AFRICaide and 4W (Women & Wellbeing in Wisconsin & the World) Initiative to partner to host the event, which features morning engagement sessions, hands-on activities, lunch and networking, and music and movement. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in discussions with community members engaged in improving conditions for women locally, nationally, and internationally.

Both MRSCP and Palestine Partners will be participating in the All-Day Global Marketplace, and lunch will be provided by a group of fantastic Cameroonian caterers. Dr. Linda Vakunta will deliver the keynote address and organizers will present six trailblazer awards that acknowledge the achievements that women have made from the Madison area to the global sphere. The afternoon portion of the program will be live-streamed online.

Optional donations benefit AFRICaide programs

More information at Madison365

March 3, 2024
A Reading of “The Aida Camp Alphabet”

A bilingual Arabic alphabet book, written &
illustrated by kids at the Aida Refugee Camp

Communication Madison
2645 Milwaukee Street
10 am – 12:30 pm: Screen-printing and art making with local artist Lesley Ann Numbers. Donations will help a family leave Gaza.
1:00 – 2:00 pm: Read Palestine!

Join us for story time and activities about Palestine. Best for ages 5-9 but everyone is welcome. Learn some Arabic too! Sponsored by the “Read Palestine” project and MRSCP.

More Information

PCHR on the Flour Massacre

Full Statement

Biden Aid Airdrops to Gaza are Too Little Too Late

U.S. Must Change Course

This week, after witnessing the Flour Massacre in which over 100 Palestinians were killed at the site of a food aid shipment and over 750 more starving Palestinians were injured, the Biden Administration has announced its intention to conduct air drops of humanitarian aid to Gaza. This act is too little too late and an effort to evade holding Israel accountable to its duties before both U.S. and international law as a recipient of billions in taxpayer dollars.

This cosmetic change in the Biden Administration’s approach suggests that the President and U.S. government have lost complete control over any actions of the Israeli government. In the face of what experts have called the fastest-ever onset of famine since WWII—imposed by Israel on the Palestinian people in Gaza—the Biden administration’s actions show a crass dismissal of Palestinian suffering directly aided and abetted by both U.S. weapons and military aid. The administration must drastically change course as its current approach has indisputably failed while giving Israel license since October 7th to exact deadly collective punishment on the Palestinian people in Gaza—with full U.S. financial and political coverage.


The humanitarian catastrophe wrought by the Israeli campaign in Gaza is the disastrous next phase in Israel’s genocide. In addition to over 30,000 Palestinians killed by Israel including over 13,000 children, over 70% of homes have been destroyed, at least 10 children have died from hunger, and over a million Palestinian civilians face starvation and indefinite displacement. The Biden Administration pleading with Israel for the entry of limited humanitarian aid and a temporary ceasefire has failed. The United States provided cover for Israel through vetoes of a ceasefire at the UN Security Council even as most of our allies voted for ceasefire.

Israel has completely ignored the demands of the International Court of Justice which found genocide “plausible” in Gaza if Israel took no action to allow the free entry of humanitarian aid, to avoid continued killing of Palestinian civilians, and to prevent conditions “calculated to bring about [Palestinians’] physical destruction in whole or in part.” Alongside the U.S. federal court’s finding regarding genocide in Gaza, these acts implicate the United States as complicit in genocide. Dropping aid from the sky does not change this reality and indeed, Israel may still obstruct or bomb such aid given the precedent of the past few weeks.

The U.S. must cut military aid to Israel, thereby compelling an immediate and permanent ceasefire. Compel Israel to withdraw from Gaza. Recognize Palestinians’ full human and political rights, and pressure Israel and Egypt to immediately allow the full flow of humanitarian trucks into Gaza without restriction. This is the only strategy that can emerge from a commitment to doing what is right and humane—in addition to what is in the U.S.’s best interest for its standing before the world.

Political expediency and election prospects are only secondary considerations amidst an unmitigated genocide enabled by this administration. Speeches of sympathy with Palestinians are directly at odds with current policy. The Flour Massacre must compel the U.S. to reckon with Israel’s intent and our complicity: the Biden administration must act decisively to stop genocide.

Dr. Osama Abu Irshaid
Executive Director

Americans for Justice in Palestine Action
6404 Seven Corners Place, Ste N
Falls Church, Virginia 22044
Email us at
or call (703) 534-1904

Help Rush Emergency Relief to Gaza Now


HomeMadison-Rafah Sister City Project is raising funds for the Middle East Children’s Alliance to provide urgent aid to children and families in Rafah and throughout Gaza.

Almost half of Gaza’s 2.3 million people are now crowded into every available space, indoors and out, in our sister community of Rafah, suffering from hunger, cold, disease, dehydration, and the constant threat of death and injury from Israeli bombing and shelling.

NEW Goal
Amount Raised
$13,760 on 03/04/24 ‼️

Amidst the ongoing attack on Gaza, MECA’s staff and local partners have continued to provide emergency assistance to families who have fled their homes to seek shelter with relatives, as well as procuring emergency medical supplies for hospitals and clinics.

Please give now to allow MECA to provide medical aid, clean water, food, psychological support, and more.

Beyond donating, we urge you to TAKE ACTION to stop the genocide in Gaza.

To get involved in the Madison area please contact us:

March 2, 2024
Madinah Academy Ramadan Show

24-03-02 Ramadan Show

Reserve your tickets!

NY Times “investigation” of mass rape by Hamas falls apart

Ali Abunimah,  Electronic Intifada, 9 January 2024

Facing growing international isolation and an imminent prosecution for genocide at the International Court of Justice, Israel is doubling down on one of its most lurid propaganda narratives: The claim that Hamas fighters systematically raped Israeli women, girls and even some men on 7 October 2023.The latest installment of this tale came in the form of a 28 December New York Times “investigation” led by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Jeffrey Gettleman.

It is dramatically headlined “‘Screams Without Words’: How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7.”

The Times asserts that it conducted a two-month investigation “establishing that the attacks against women were not isolated events but part of a broader pattern of gender-based violence.” But under scrutiny the article spectacularly fails to live up to that bold claim.

The article is an emotionally manipulative fraud aimed at justifying or distracting from Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

That’s why I considered it essential to debunk it – which I did in conversation with my colleague Nora Barrows-Friedman on The Electronic Intifada’s livestream on 3 January.

We previously debunked Israel’s claims of mass rape in a segment on 4 December, but returned to the topic following the sensationalist and false reporting by The New York Times.

You can watch the latest segment in the video above.

Lies and manipulation

Central to the Times’ story is its claim that an Israeli woman called Gal Abdush was a victim of rape before she was killed on 7 October.


The newspaper claims that Abdush “has become a symbol of the horrors visited upon Israeli women and girls” on 7 October.

But Abdush’s family have repudiated this claim, saying that there is no evidence she was raped.

They say they were manipulated by The New York Times and had no idea the newspaper was going to use their loved one to further the rape narrative despite the lack of any evidence that it occurred.

The distortions and manipulations in this article are now reportedly causing “growing concern” even within the newsroom of The New York Times, a private newspaper that has long-functioned as a semi-official mouthpiece for the US government and intelligence agencies, most notoriously its laundering of their lies about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction.

Dismantling atrocity propaganda

The key points we covered in our latest segment on this story also include:

  • The New York Times identifies four eyewitnesses for alleged incidents of rape and murder – a woman identified only as Sapir, and three men: Yura Karol, Raz Cohen and Shoam Gueta. Each of these eyewitnesses, whose accounts are not new, lacks credibility. This is either because their stories are inherently unlikely or impossible, there is total lack of corroboration, including bodies and other physical and forensic evidence, or because the supposed witnesses have changed their stories over time.
  • The Times “investigation,” like previous similar stories by The Washington Post, CNN, Haaretz, The Times of Israel and others, does not confirm the existence of victims or physical or forensic evidence. Rather, it provides a litany of excuses for why there is no forensic evidence or crime scene photos – even though there was ample opportunity for authorities to collect them.
  • Another main Times’ source is ZAKA, which the newspaper misleadingly describes as a nonprofit “emergency response team.” In fact, this extreme Jewish religious group and its leaders have been caught fabricating atrocity propaganda about 7 October, including the debunked tales of beheaded babies, children tied together and shot and burned, and of a pregnant woman whose fetus was torn out of her belly.

ZAKA was, moreover, founded by a man accused of serial rapes over decades – a man the organization’s leaders continued to defend up to his death in 2021, despite evidence he used the organization’s money and resources to commit his crimes, including against children.

  • Despite Israel saying there are tens of thousands of videos filmed on 7 October, authorities have not claimed that a single one of them shows a rape or a sexual assault taking place – a glaring absence, given that Israel asserts that rape was used on a wide scale as a weapon of war.
  • One of the Times’ main sources is the Israeli military, currently engaged in genocide in Gaza, and notoriously unreliable as a source on anything.
  • Israel has refused to cooperate with any international investigation of its claims, to be conducted using established methodologies for documenting claims of rape during armed conflict.
  • Israel’s mass rape claims fit into a longstanding colonial tradition of atrocity propaganda demonizing colonized indigenous or enslaved men as inherently brutish, violent and lustful, especially towards white or settler women.

Story falls apart

Since our livestream, even more information has come out exposing the extent of the fraud being perpetrated by the Times under the cover of its prestige as the world’s “newspaper of record.”

This includes the key admission by Israeli police that they have been unable to locate any survivors of the alleged mass rape campaign.

And, as the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on 4 January, in “the few cases where police have already amassed testimony about the sexual assaults Hamas committed during its massacre in southern Israel, they haven’t yet been able to identify the specific victims of the acts to which witnesses have testified.”

And here’s some additional sources and observations about some of the themes, inconsistencies and so-called witnesses we discussed in the program:

We will starve you or kill you

Israel is making it clear to Palestinians in Gaza: We will starve you to death or we will kill you when you try to get food.

At dawn this morning, as hundreds of desperately hungry people gathered in Gaza City in hopes of getting a sack of flour from the few aid trucks that Israel has allowed in, Israeli forces opened fire killing 112 and injuring more than 700 others.

I have been waiting since yesterday. At about 4:30 this morning, trucks started to come through. Once we approached the aid trucks, the Israeli tanks and warplanes started firing at us, as if it was a trap.

The number of dead will no doubt rise, as nearby hospitals are barely functioning because of Israeli attacks and the blockade of Gaza. While blood filled the ground where people were waiting for food, hospitals do not have blood supplies to treat the wounded.

Stop the Genocide in Gaza!

Shocking but not surprising, the Israeli military first blamed the violence on the starving people themselves, saying that people were crushed in the crowd.

Only a ceasefire will stop the slaughter and starvation. And it is up to make that happen. Take action today, tomorrow, and as often as possible. Share this message. Ask friends and family to join you.

Stop the genocide!

In outrage and solidarity,
All of us at MECA

P.S. Read more coverage of the massacre from the Palestine Chronicle.

Mohammad Hureini of Youth of Sumud

Final Straw, Jan 28, 2024

This week, we’re featuring a conversation with Mohammad Hureini (twitter / instagram), a young activist from Masafer Yatta, an area in the hills south of Hebron in the occupied West Bank in Palestine. Mohammad is a member of a non-violent group called Youth of Sumud that struggles to hold on to the sites and lives of Palestinian villages despite displacement by the Israeli military occupation as well as the illegal zionist settlements (like the neighboring Havat Ma’on) and their routine violence and impunity. For the hour, Mohammad speaks about the work of Youth of Sumud, their recent report co-published with The Good Shepherd on increased settler violence entitled Indigenous Erasure: How the zionist movement is using state sanctioned violence to eliminate the Palestinian communities of the West Bank, the South African genocide case against Israel in the International Court of Justice and other topics. A transcript of this interview will be available soon.

Al-Addameer’s recent publication on prisons and repression of Palestinians since October 7th, 2023:

Organizations Mohammad names doing on the ground support:
– Defund Racism ( follows NGO connections to settler projects recently published a report on Regavim, a pro-settler organization that pulls funding from the US, Canada and elsewhere to displace Palestinians
– Operation Dove /Operazione Colomba from Italy (
– International Solidarity Movement ( Community Peacemaker Teams (

Over 100,000 voted Uncommitted in the Michigan Democratic Presidential Primary

Biden’s 2020 margin over Trump in Michigan was 150,000 votes. The Uncommitted vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary was 13% of the total. Michigan’s Arab-American population is 2%.

Dearborn, MI | | February 28, 2024 – Over 100,000 people voted for uncommitted in the Michigan Democratic Presidential Primary yesterday. This record breaking total for the uncommitted option sent a loud and clear message to the Democratic Party and the Biden Campaign – it is time to take action to end the genocide in Gaza. Over 100,000 people voted for uncommitted in the Michigan Democratic Presidential Primary. Uncommitted voters represent diverse demographics, including young voters, progressive voters, and a significant number of voters from ally communities.

ADC National Executive Director Abed Ayoub said, “We want to thank the Listen 2 Michigan campaign and coalition, including the Truth Project. These results would not have been possible without the commitment from our partners. Yesterday our community reclaimed its electoral power in Michigan. The majority of Americans do not support the continued US complicity in the active genocide of Palestinians, and this will be reflective at the ballot box on election day. It is time for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire, stopping of military aid to Israel, and an immediate measure to provide much needed humanitarian aid to those in Gaza.

In early February, ADC, partnering with the Truth Project, launched efforts alongside Listen to Michigan to educate voters about the campaign. In under three weeks those efforts led to the activation of over 500,000 voters across southeast Michigan, resulting in what we saw tonight. This impressive showing is a result of a disciplined approach to voter engagement and a testament to the deep opposition to the Biden Administration’s complicity in genocide.

ADC efforts are funded by the community, and for the community. Your support is crucial in continuing this work and ensuring the organization has the resources needed to continue this important work in other states. Take a moment and make a contribution to ADC by clicking here.

March 2, 2024
Poor Peoples’ Campaign Assembly at the Capitol

We are forming a Kuffiyeh Contingent
Meet at 10:30 am
State Street Entrance steps

Please join us for a Free Palestine contingent. Wear Kuffiyehs and bring along your signs and banners calling for a ceasefire and an end to US weapons funding for Israel. Look for us under the Palestinian flags on the State Street steps to the Capital at 10:30, or during the march whenever you arrive.

The Poor People’s Campaign is sponsoring a simultaneous day of direct action at statehouses all across the country whose aim is to bring together thousands of poor and low-wealth people and their allies to demand a moral agenda from our lawmakers at the state level. Their invitation: “Let’s join together to demand living wages, voting rights, healthcare, fully-funded public education, a healthy environment, clean water, affordable and decent housing, an end to the war economy, militarism and genocide, an end to poverty, and MORE!”

Israel’s bill to U.S. taxpayers for their assault on Gaza and continuing occupation of the West Bank is on track to be $18 billion for 2023 and early 2024.  That’s $3.8 billion in annual aid, plus a $14.5 billion supplemental package before Congress.

Here’s what we’re buying:  Israel’s bombardment of Gaza has killed over 30,000 people in 5 months, including 12,660 children.  Israel is now preparing to invade Rafah, a 25 square mile area at the southern end of Gaza where 1.5 million people are now sheltering in hospitals, schools and tents. Please join us in demanding that US funding for Israel’s military be redirected to human needs and insist that the Biden administration call for No Ground Invasion of Rafah.

Learn more and join us in Madison

March 1, 2024
WORT has two guests on Gaza

12 Noon, 89.9 FM or listen live online

Host Esty Dinur will interview two guests on Gaza: 

Shafiq Kassees of UW Students for Justice in Palestine will talk about the recent lecture by an Israeli soldier in UW Chabad in which he admitted that the Israeli military kills babies and called Palestinians “the devil.”

Thaer Ahmad, MD, a board certified emergency medicine physician at Advocate Christ Medical Center who also serves as that center’s Assistant Program Director for the Emergency Medicine Residency Program and the Global Health Director for the emergency department.  An Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois, and board member of MedGlobal, a medical humanitarian NGO that works in Gaza, Dr. Ahmad has been to Gaza, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Kenya, and Greece on projects to strengthen local healthcare capacity.