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We’re looking for people who want to get involved in our projects. You can contact us at the addresses below:

General (questions, membership, donations, weekly briefing and other e-mails)

  • RafahSisterCity at, or
  • Madison-Rafah Sister City Project
    P.O. Box 5214
    Madison, WI 53705


    tsela at

Films and Speakers

    Kathy Walsh (madderhorn17 at


    RafahSisterCity at

Olive Oil

veena.brekke at or (608) 332-8745‬

Public Policy Advocacy

    RafahPolicy at


    Admin at
Never! Never! Never put your email address on a web page! Just as Google traverses the web to index content, a bazillion spam and phishing engines do the same looking for email addresses, phone numbers, SSN numbers and credit card numbers. – Wayne Arczynski to Andrew Tobias, May 11, 2007