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  • Building Unity Wisconsin,  June 2, 2024 Petition to End the Genocide Project We can’t sit back and allow our country to support a genocide any longer.It is time for all […]

  • THE LISTENING POST We need to talk about Zionism Al Jazeera, 1 Jun 2024 The Listening Post cuts through the confusion about Zionism and anti-Zionism in Western media and politics. […]

  • All Eyes on Rafah

    Israel’s International Isolation and Drift Towards Authoritarianism Joel Beinin, Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History and Professor of Middle East History, Emeritus, Stanford University June 1, 2024 Israel’s continuing war […]

  • View this post on Instagram A post shared by US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (@uscpr)

  • Top Israeli government and security officials have overseen a nine-year surveillance operation targeting the ICC and Palestinian rights groups to try to thwart a war crimes probe, a joint investigation […]

  • Stop the Massacres!

    Eight actions you can take now If you saw photos or videos of the massacre in Rafah from a few nights ago, you know the horror is almost beyond belief. […]

  • Hundreds of Palestinian Doctors Disappeared Into Israeli Detention Kavitha Chekuru, The Intercept, May 24 2024 IT’S BEEN TWO months since Osaid Alser has heard from his cousin, Khaled Al Serr, a […]

  • Noon CT WORT 89.9 FM Live or archived We will have two guests this Friday at noon CT on WORT, 89.9 FM’s A Public Affair. First is Robert Schoville, a Madison […]

  • Madison Farmer’s Market Capitol Square King Street corner 7 am – 2 pm An action including a display of shoes and reading of names of the dead is planned by […]

  • Check the pattern: 1. We haven’t heard reports of deaths, will check into it;2. The people were killed, but by a faulty Palestinian rocket/bomb;3. OK, we killed them, but they […]

  • BY  KAREN MATTHEWS, Associated Press, May 29, 2024 NEW YORK (AP) — A nurse was fired by a New York City hospital after she referred to Israel’s war in Gaza as […]

  • LARA-NOUR WALTON, FAIRNESS & ACCURACY IN REPORTING, AUGUST 22, 2023 Do Palestinians deserve to be free? “A complex and controversial issue,” says ChatGPT (Twitter, 5/8/23). Do Israelis deserve to be […]

  • worldbeyondwar.uw Antiwar Film Series – Details on this month’s films and others we’ll show this summer … Tues, June 4 at 6 pm, Central Library, 201 W Mifflin St, Room […]

  • Longtime international volunteer says she is ‘devastated’ food and medical supplies cannot reach Gaza BY RICHELLE WILSON, WPR, MAY 27, 2024 Wisconsin-based human rights activist Cassandra Dixon was all set to […]

  • “Massive free trade zone” with rail service to Saudi Arabia By Daniel Roche, The Architect’s Newspaper, May 21, 2024 Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office recently released a PowerPoint that gives a glimpse into […]

  • The Biden administration maintains that Israel’s invasion of the southern Gazan city is “limited,” despite an International Court of Justice order and a worsening humanitarian crisis. By Karen DeYoung, The Washington […]

  • Israel lashes out at West Bank in wake of ICC request Airstrikes continue across the Gaza Strip as the Israeli ground invasion continues in Jabalia and Rafah, displacing thousands. Meanwhile, […]

  • According to Polls in Five Battleground States Today, Americans for Justice in Palestine Action (AJP Action) released the results of YouGov polls commissioned in five battleground states. The polls show roughly a fifth of […]