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Ask UBS to divest from Elbit Systems

UBS’s shares in Israel’s biggest weapons manufacturer, Elbit Systems, just increased by 875%. This comes as the world’s biggest bank, JPMorgan Chase, just divested huge amounts from Elbit. 
Let’s build on this momentum and tell UBS to divest too.


While UBS lines its pockets, the Israeli military has surrounded and is attacking Rafah, where hundreds of thousands of terrified Palestinians are sheltering. The Israeli military just killed 274 people in Nuseirat in less than 2 hours. This comes after the Rafah safe zone massacre and the attacks on Kamal Adwan Hospital and Jabalia refugee camp.

The bloodshed must stop.

Public pressure works: the biggest bank in the world, JPMorgan Chase, just divested 70% of its holdings in Elbit. Now it’s time for UBS to stop profiting from bloodshed.

Tell UBS: divest from Elbit Systems now.

UBS was founded in Switzerland but it needs to stop hiding behind this neutral facade. UBS’ money is funding weapons for the Israeli Government’s genocide.

At least 35,000 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli military since October 7 last year. Children in Gaza are already dying from malnutrition and the United Nations just suspended food distribution in Rafah because the Israeli military and settlers are preventing humanitarian aid from entering Gaza.

Let’s do it again.

Call on UBS to cut off the money for Israel’s weapons.

The Ekō community has helped cut off funding for weapons before. When we published a report exposing global insurance company AXA’s financial connections it dropped its shares in Elbit. And after we revealed Scotiabank was pouring hundreds of millions into Elbit, the Canadian bank drastically reduced its stake in the weapons company too.


Thanks for all that you do, 
Nish and the team at Ekō





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