The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

June 13, 2024: Panel Discussion on Gaza Today

7:00 pm CT

You Are Invited to a Solidarity Members’ and Friends’ Discussion:


As the horror of the U.S.-funded Israeli assault and massacre in Gaza continues with no end in sight, and Israeli settlers take over land in the West Bank, join us for a panel discussion that will focus on the magnificent movement that has sprung up this year in support of the Palestinian people and an immediate permanent ceasefire.

We’ll try to examine both what it’s accomplished, and its potential future. We ask everyone to come to the discussion with your observations and experiences of the encampments and other activities in your city!


Huwaida Arraf, Detroit human rights attorney, co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement, and currently an organizer for the Gaza freedom flotilla and a new initiative to defend Palestinian lives under occupation. She will update the organizing efforts and the obstacles created by Israel’s blockade and obstruction of aid.

Kathleen Brown, Active in Tahrir Coalition and campaign for divestment at the University of Michigan; former vice-president of the Graduate Employees Organization (GEO).

Sam Salour, Ph.D. student at the University of California Santa Barbara, was active in rank-and-file organizing for both the 2020 COLA strike and 2022 strike. He is part of the organizing team for UAW 4811’s on-going ULP strike across the UC campuses.

For some background see “University of Michigan President Ono and the Pepper-Spray Gang” by Alan Wald.

Please bring your own experiences and ideas to the discussion! What are the possibilities going forward?






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