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Stop the Massacres!

Eight actions you can take now


If you saw photos or videos of the massacre in Rafah from a few nights ago, you know the horror is almost beyond belief. Hundreds of exhausted, hungry, and traumatized people were sleeping in tents in a designated as a “safe area” when Israel dropped a US-made bomb on them killing many people instantly and causing a deadly fire. 

Children and adults were burned alive or smothered to death by smoke. People were forced to dig through smoldering remains with their bare hands, looking for bodies or injured people.

Just 30 hours later another Israel dropped another bomb on people in a “safe area”  in Rafah. Now, Israeli tanks now moved in to the center of Rafah. 

Please act now. Take one or all of these actions today. And, please, don’t stop.

Here’s MECA’s list of things you can do:

1. Join a local, regional, or national protest. Check with a Palestine solidarity group near you or this list on the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights website. If you are in the Bay Area, check AROC’s list of local events.

2. Call for a ceasefire and humanitarian access for Gaza now!Contact your US Congresspeople and Senators.

3. Boycott companies profiting from genocide. See the list of businesses and more on the BDS website

4. Educate yourself and others with basic inforecent analysis, or infographics at Visualizing Palestine. Look for books, articles, videos, and podcasts. If you are a k-12 teacher, check out MECA’s Teach Palestine Project.

5. Support MECA’s emergency aid work in Gaza by making a donation or setting up your own online fundraising page.

6. Put a sign in the window of your home or business. Purchase “Ceasefire” by Eric Drooker, request a free “We Stand with Palestine” by emailing, or download “NO GENOCIDE IN GAZA” by Ernesto Yerena, and search for others online. Signs are available from the Madison-Rafah Marketplace.

7. Attend your local city council or schoolboard meetings that are discussing or voting on ceasefire resolutions, teaching about Palestine, false accusations of antisemitism, or other matters about the genocide in Gaza.

8. DON’T GIVE UP! Every action we take brings a permanent ceasefire closer and builds the movement for justice in Palestine! 

Thank you for your support, your solidarity, and whatever action you take now.

In solidarity,
All of us at MECA





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