Olive Oil Bottles are Here!

Playgrounds for Palestine Madison has received a delivery of the Premium Blend 500 mL Bottle AIDA Palestinian Olive Oil, organic and Fair Trade olive oil from small farms in the West Bank of Palestine. You can order online.

Read about Playgrounds for Palestine aid to Gaza’s children:

Playgrounds for Palestine is doing all in its power for the families and children in Gaza facing the unimaginable. All donations and proceeds from the sale of oil, za’atar, and soap are currently going to Gaza relief.

In the shadow of an ongoing genocide, displacement, hunger, thirst, lack of adequate shelter, injuries, infections, and profound trauma, Palestinians are doing their best to care for one another, and we have been doing our best to help them.

Our initiatives, though modest, continue to uplift young lives. This is a snapshot of what we’ve done in the past few months.


Some of these activities were begun by our founder Susan Abulhawa in Gaza, and she can attest to the important and positive impact on children and their families.”

With love from all of us at Playgrounds for Palestine

Aid to Gaza’s Children by Playgrounds for Palestine

1. Storytime, Art & Facepainting
First aid by a local psychologist and childhood trauma specialist.
2. Kitchen & Meal Distribution
Hundreds of meals daily with Al Najat Association.
3. Kite Flying
in Al Mawasi, Rafah, and Khan Younis.
4. Fun Days & Toy Distribution
Activities, toys, and games in five tent camps with Al Najat Association.
5. Hospital Hakawatis (Storytellers)
Hakawatis and art for children with broken bones, bullet wounds, burns, and amputations.
6. Financial Assistance for New Mothers
Envelopes with $100, a stuffed toy for each newborn, and hygiene supplies.
7. Supplies to Hospitalized Children
Reusable diapers, wipes, chocolates.
8. Food & Supplies Distribution
Bags for 500 families with flour, rice, beans, canned goods, dried milk, spices, salt & pepper.
9. Medicines, Diapers, Hearing Aid Batteries, Chocolates
Pain relievers, anti-hypertensives, bronchodilators, antibiotics, feminine products, toothbrushes & paste.
10. Women’s Clinic
At a tent camp run by a local organization. The names are withheld to protect their safety.





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