The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

Sister City Debate

September 9, 2003 Working Meeting

Madison Jewish Community Council Opposition, April 22, 2004
— and not just the Sister City

Madison-Rafah Sister City Project Refutation, April 27, 2004

Cecil Findley Response, April 27, 2004

Jennifer Loewenstein on Councilman Verveer’s and Mayor Cieslewicz’s Position, April 28, 2004

Al Mezan re Madison Jewish Community Council, April 29, 2004

Sister City Squabble, Judith Davidoff, The Capital Times, May 1, 2004

Kevin Walsh in support of the Sister City, May 2, 2004

Kathy Walsh in support of the Sister City, May 3, 2004

Jews for Equal Justice Response, May 4, 2004

Gaza sister city draws Jewish support, Judith Davidoff, The Capital Times, May 4, 2004

Mayor Cieslewicz’s Position, May 6, 2004

Dr. Bruce Barrett and Mayor Cieslewicz, May 6, 2004

Karen Shevet Dinah’s letter to Isthmus, May 6, 2004

Advisory Committee Support, May 8, 2004

Ken Rude to MRSCP, May 8, 2004

Endorsements & Letters of Support, May 14, 2004

Editorial: Sistering for peace, The Capital Times, May 17, 2004

City delays action on sister status for Rafah, Judith Davidoff, The Capital Times, May 19, 2004


Get government out of sisterhood, Wisconsin State Journal, May 19, 2004

Responses to Kavanah Letter, 23-May-04 to 01-Jun-04

Professor Mitchell Kosny on Rafah Municipality Peace-building Through Local Government, 23-May-04

Anthony Reeves to Mayor Cieslewicz, May 26, 2004

Anthony Reeves to Alderman Benford, May 26, 2004

Compromise sought on Rafah sister city Judith Davidoff, The Capital Times, 26-May-04

Proposal to Adopt a Palestinian City as a ‘Sister’ Creates a Family Feud for Madison JO NAPOLITANO, The New York Times, 29-May-04

PROPOSED RAFAH TIES IRE MADISON, Michael Mylrea, Jerusalem Post, May 31, 2004

Al Mezan on Michael Mylrea and Jo Napolitano, June 1, 2004

Letter from Partners for Peace, June 2, 2004

Al Mezan Support, 06-Jun-04

Midwest city feels conflict in the Mideast close to home Frank Bures, The Christian Science Monitor, 03-Jun-04

Should Wisconsin town have Gaza sister city? Leon Cohen, JTA, 09-Jun-04

Guest column: There are good reasons to make Rafah a sister city with Madison, The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project, The Capital Times, 05-Jul-04

Sister-city vote delay likely Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, 5-Jul-04

Rafah debate anguished, bruising, Judith Davidoff, The Capital Times, July 7, 2004

Madison/Rafah: Little In Common?, 11-Jul-04

Sister City Proposal Hurts, Not Helps,, with discussion, 18-Jul-04

Madison City Council Resolution, 21-Jul-04

Rafah bid falls short by 2 votes, Judith Davidoff, The Capital Times, July 21, 2004

Madison rejects proposal to make Rafah sister city, MICHAEL MYLREA, Jerusalem Post, July 22, 2004

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Wisconsin city rejects Palestinian sister city, United Press International, July 22, 2004

Madison, Wisconsin has forged relations with many beleaguered cities around the world, Brent Hurd, Voice of America Transcript, 28-Jul-04

Update on City Council Vote, George Arida & Mayor Zouroub, 03-Aug-04

1988: First Palestinian sister city proposal defeated in Berkeley, Sonoma County Free Press, 17-Aug-04

Dr. Rice Addresses War on Terror and Sister Cities, 19-Aug-04

A Case Study: Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A., Joel Fishman, Jewish Political Studies Review 16:3-4 (Fall 2004)

Know Your Madisonian: Susan Becker If I could change one thing about Madison: I would make Rafah a sister city, George Hesselberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 19-Sep-04

The Battle of Rafah—This One in Madison, Wisconsin, Paul Beckett, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, September 2004

The AFSI Advocate, Americans for a Safe Israel, Sep 2004:

    • “Jack helped City Councilman Zach Brandon of Madison WI who opposed the infamous Madison/Rafah, Gaza sister city proposal. This was initiated by Ms. Jennifer Lowenstein a radical lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, who allegedly is affiliated with the International Solidarity Movement, ISM. Jack was in Madison on July 20-21 to advise Mr. Brandon, who helped to defeat this egregious proposal.”

Jack is Jack Lauber, Chair of the Albany, New York Chapter of Americans for a Safe Israel

Last Word, Madison-Rafah Sister City Project