Gaza Summer Camp, July 17, 2016

Hebron Playground Photos, June — July 2016
Playgrounds for Palestine – Madison

Samira Success Story –- A’hed, March 4, 2016

Samira Counseling Photos, November 17, 2015

Madison Gaza Demonstration, July 19, 2014
Wisconsin Capitol protest of the latest Gaza invasion by Israel

Rafah Girls Prep A Water Filter, October 7, 2013

Gaza Delegation Photos, November 14, 2012

West Bank Delegation Photos, October 23, 2012

60 Years is Nothing to Celebrate, May 8, 2008
UW-Madison Library Mall demonstration on the 60th birthday of Israel. Signs with the names of 418 Palestinian villages destroyed by Israel were displayed on Bascomb Hill.

Rafah Delegation Photos, January 2005 and later
Playground construction in Tel al-Sultan refugee camp, Rafah. Philadelphia Corridor on Egyptian border. Schoolgirl victim of Israeli sniper fire. General Union of Palestinian Women. Completed playground.

Editorial Cartoons