The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

November 5, 2012
Daoud Nassar speaks in Madison

Daoud Nassar: “The most effective way to reach peace is meeting people face-to-face. It’s possible to resolve grievances in a nonviolent way.”

Palestinian farmer and Tent of Nations representative speaks on “Steadfastness”

Monday, November 5
Anderson Auditorium
Edgewood College, Madison
7 pm

Daoud Nassar’s family owns a farm on a hillside outside Hebron, in the West Bank of occupied Palestine. It is a piece of prime property on a hill that Israel wants to seize for another settlement. So far the family have managed, with many appeals to the Israeli courts and the help of internationals, to hold on to their 100 acre farm and build an organization, the Tent of Nations, a dynamic peace and local education center established in 2000. International visitors, including many Israelis, join together to plant trees, harvest olives and fruit, teach at the Women’s Education Center, lead activities in youth summer camps, and come together in solidarity and shared goals in the pursuit of a just peace through non-violent activities.

Daoud Nassar is on a national tour sponsored by FRIENDS OF TENT OF NATIONS NORTH AMERICA (FOTONNA.ORG), an organization that helps sponsor the activities of Tent of Nations by raising money through donations and by organizing educational tours. It is an all-volunteer organization, established in 2007, that welcomes membership to anyone who is interested in pursuing peace with justice for all.