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  • Miquéla V. Thornton, The Cap Times, June 6, 2024 When Laila Hasan thinks back to the first time she engaged in the traditional Palestinian embroidery technique of tatreez, she recalls […]

  • Noon CT WORT 89.9 FM Live or archived We will have two guests this Friday at noon CT on WORT, 89.9 FM’s A Public Affair. First is Robert Schoville, a Madison […]

  • After 50 years of failure to stop violence and terrorism against Palestinians by Jewish ultranationalists, lawlessness has become the law. By Ronen Bergman and Mark Mazzetti, New York Times Magazine This story is […]

  • Joel Beinin, Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History and Professor of Middle East History, Emeritus, Stanford University Revised from talks delivered at UC Law SF and The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley […]

  • Hamdan Huraini, HUMANS OF MASAFER YATTA, MAY 5, 2024 How do we define human rights? Does a Palestinian have the right to live or not? Is a Palestinian a human […]

  • Awdah Hathaleen, HUMANS OF MASAFER YATTA, MAY 4 The occupation army has a new strategy: closing the roads that connect all of the villages and cities in Masafer Yatta. For […]

  • Report on Israel’s Crimes and Violations of Palestinians’ Rights in the West Bank in January and February 2024 ♦️Since the beginning of 2024, the Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) and Israeli […]

  • A Wall Street Journal investigation found that since Oct. 7, Israeli settlers have been rapidly building illegal roads and outposts across the West Bank. This work is sometimes done under […]

  • Good Shepherd Collective Weekly Report Intro Since October 7, Israel has killed at least 31,043 people in Gaza, wounding 76,666. The death toll is widely understood to be a massive […]

  • Final Straw, Jan 28, 2024 This week, we’re featuring a conversation with Mohammad Hureini (twitter / instagram), a young activist from Masafer Yatta, an area in the hills south of […]

  • With the world’s focus on Gaza, settlers have used wartime chaos as cover for violence and dispossession. Letter from the West Bank Shane Bauer, February 26, 2024 The family of […]

  • Meanwhile in the West Bank

    The past days have been horrific for the residents of Majaz, one of the villages in Masafer Yatta, and inside the area claimed by Israel as firing zone 918. Israeli […]

  • Under the cover of the relentless bombardment and atrocity crimes in Gaza, Israeli forces have simultaneously unleashed a new, brutal wave of unlawful violence against Palestinians in the occupied West […]

  • Don’t Let Us Feel Alone

    Awdah Hathaleen, Humans of Masafer Yatta, Feb 11, 2024 I stopped posting and updating for a while. I didn’t do this because the situation changed or ended, I stopped because […]

  • SUPPORT US Palestinians and Israelis who’ve experienced the settlers’ attacks first-hand see the move as a positive but wholly insufficient step toward accountability. Oren Ziv, +972, February 8, 2024 Einan […]

  • The Occupation of the American Mind and My Neighborhood   Central Library, 201 W. Mifflin Street, Room 302 5:30 pm social time 6:00 pm screenings Discussion following the films. Free popcorn. RSVP […]

  • NBC News, Dec. 26, 2023 In the village of At-Tuwani in the West Bank, residents say Jewish settlers have become far more aggressive since Hamas’ October 7 terror attacks in […]

  • Bethan McKernan, Kyri Evangelou, Mariam Dwedar and Temujin Doran, The Guardian, 14 Dec 2023 Masafer Yatta, the most rural and desolate area in the West Bank, is home to about […]

  • Plant An Olive Tree in the Madison-Masafer Yatta Grove! Trees sponsored now will be planted where attacks on villages are happening. This is ongoing and a great way to either […]

  •   Nima Elbagir, CNN, December 15, 2023   VIDEO: Eyewitness testimony and footage reveals escalation in Israel’s occupation tactics in West Bank CNN’s Nima Elbagir reports from Hebron in the […]