The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

April 12, 2024 Gaza Freedom Flotilla & War Tax Resistance


12 noon – 1 pm

89.9 FM or listen live online here.

Join host Esty Dinur as she talks with Palestinian-American & Freedom Flotilla veteran Huwaida Arraf and local activist Cassandra Dixon about the latest plans of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla to sail to Gaza.  

The flotilla will include a large cargo ship carrying thousands of tons of humanitarian aid, as well as passenger ships, carrying civilians from around the world—journalists, doctors, aid workers, and more—straight to Gaza. Besides carrying much needed aid, the message and mission is one of solidarity and support for Palestinian freedom by breaking the illegal Israeli siege of Gaza. Dixon will also discuss the situation in the West Bank. 

In acknowledgement of Tax Day on April 15, the second half of the show will discuss tax resistance, especially in light of the US’s active support for the genocide in Gaza. The guest is Madison’s Paula Rogge, a recently retired physician and long-time war tax resister. 





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