Forcing #StopArmingIsrael onto Politicians’ Agenda

As a Palestinian American, I witness a new horror that Israel commits against my people, with my tax dollars, livestreamed online every day.

The only choice for all of us who live here in the belly of the beast—in the U.S. colonial empire that was built on the genocide of Indigenous peoples—is to resist. We must put up the fight of our lives to stop our government from funding genocide.

Barb, you and I know there is nothing normal about living in a country that sponsors massacres. As Israel invades Al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza, killing or kidnapping Palestinian patients, journalists, and medical workers, the U.S. House of Representatives is considering sending $14 BILLION MORE in weapons to fuel this bloodshed.

Disrupt now, and keep disrupting our politicians in power for every day that this genocide goes on.

Find out how you can escalate your actions on our USCPR Action Phone Zap this Wednesday, “Disrupting Campaign Events: Forcing #StopArmingIsrael onto Politicians’ Agenda.”



On the Phone Zap, you’ll learn how to disrupt a politician’s campaign event based on a real-life example. Then I’ll walk you through ways you can take action to raise your demands for justice.

Together on the Zoom call, we’ll flood the phone lines in Congress and the White House to demand they call for a PERMANENT CEASEFIRE NOW and stop arming Israel.

We must defend Al-Shifa Hospital, and all the Palestinian journalists and medical workers who are risking their lives as they’re systematically targeted by Israel.

Register now for the “Disrupting Campaign Events” USCPR Action Phone Zap this Wednesday, March 20 at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT.

Spread the word now. See you on Wednesday, and keep disrupting everywhere you go.

Onward to liberation,

National Field Organizer

P.S. Defend Al-Shifa Hospital and all of Palestine now! Send an email to your members of Congress and keep protesting.


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