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Can AIPAC’s millions oust the Squad?

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''Show up for the squad, Rep. Summer Lee. Take action with us to defend progressives in Congress'' with Rep. Lee's photo.
In one week, Democratic Congresswoman Summer Lee is up for re-election in her Pittsburgh area district. This is the first primary where a Congressperson who has openly called for a ceasefire in Gaza will face opponents backed by the retaliatory $100 million pledged by the pro-Israel Super PAC AIPAC and other conservative funders.   

To win, we’re harnessing people power to support Rep. Summer Lee’s social justice-aligned agenda and to ensure that our elections can’t be bought and sold by billionaires.

Show up for Summer Lee >>

You already know that Rep. Lee, alongside the rest of the Squad, is one of the most social justice-aligned candidates in Congress and crucial to advancing our agendas– and holding back far right authoritarianism– at the federal level.

The conservative Israeli Super PAC AIPAC recruited Lee’s Democratic challenger and pledged a historic $100 million against Squad members like Summer Lee in an attempt to silence their leadership on a ceasefire and other progressive issues like police reform. 

Lee’s Democratic opponent has received massive contributions from a GOP mega donor and Pennsylvania’s richest Republican billionaire, who has also funded far right candidates like Donald Trump, Dr. Oz, Herschel Walker, and other election-deniers.

In these times of climate catastrophe, rising authoritarianism, and genocide, we need progressive leaders who will stand up to the far right and billionaires, not collaborate with them.

In her primary two years ago, Rep. Lee was facing similar opposition– $5 million in attack ads backed by conservative PACs– and won by less than 1,000 votes. Candidates like Rep. Lee rely on grassroots organizing, not corporate money from the far right.

We’re proud to be contributing to that effort. SURJ has already made 100k calls to white voters in Rep. Lee’s district. And in our conversations, the truth about who is funding her opponent is what’s resonating with voters most. No one wants billionaires buying and selling elections. 

Next Tuesday is our movement’s first big test to show that people power can beat billionaires, and that progressives can take a stand for a ceasefire and win. Rep. Lee has continuously shown up for racial justice. Now, it’s time for us to show up to protect this racial justice champion.

Our next phone bank is this Wednesday, and then we have banks every day Saturday until election day on Tuesday. Can you join us?

Can’t make bank? Can you give a gift in gratitude to the more than 200 SURJ members who have shown up for Rep. Lee? 

In solidarity, 
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