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Virginia’s Anti-BDS Legislation DEFEATED!

Our collective advocacy is working

On February 1st, we reached out to you about an anti-BDS bill in Virginia, HB1161 Virginia Public Procurement Act; required contract provisions, prohibition, and you understood the assignment! 

This week, thanks to YOUR advocacy and unwavering dedication to the Palestinian cause, HB-1161, a VA law that would’ve been amended to prohibit state bodies from doing business with companies that engage in a boycott of Israel (which would have violated our constitutional rights), was declared withdrawn.

This defeat reaffirms how crucial our collective, and consistent, work is. It’s a testament to the fact that our work is EFFECTIVE, that your voices MATTER, and that our combined efforts can be, and are, SUCCESSFUL

Our right to boycott is protected by the First Amendment, and #ApartheidIsrael cannot be given an exception. Thank you to all who made this success possible by utilizing our action tool and calling on legislators in Virginia to reject this unlawful legislation. 

Our continued successes would not be possible without our collective efforts. 

Thank you for taking action for Palestine, we can’t stop until it’s free. 

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Ayah Ziyadeh
Advocacy Director, AJP Action








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