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Tell Congress No on the Israel Ethnic Cleansing Normalization Act

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

Raise your voice to tell Congress to vote NO to stop normalizing ethnic cleansing! The Israeli government, funded by our tax dollars and backed by our diplomacy, has in the past few weeks inflicted cruelty across all of Palestine: Israeli forces mass arrested Bedouin Palestinians in the Naqab, killed Palestinian elders in the West Bank, destroyed homes in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, and continued the brutal blockade on the Gaza Strip through dangerous flooding and a continuing pandemic.

While Israel continues to ethnically cleanse Palestinians with impunity, Congress will soon be voting on H.R. 2748 / S. 1061, the Israel Relations Normalization Act, or what we can more accurately call the Ethnic Cleansing Normalization Act.

Likely the only vote Congress will take on Palestine all year, the Normalizing Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Act co-signs and expands Trump administration-brokered weapons and business deals[1] that sideline Palestinian demands for freedom and justice, and instead cement alliances between apartheid Israeli and authoritarian governments, sending them weapons and harming Yemenis, Libyans, Sahrawis and others. At the same time, the bill makes greenwashing and techwashing Israeli apartheid into official U.S. policy, claiming to advance solutions to pressing global problems while in reality covering up the environmentally devastating impacts of occupation, from water inequity to the destruction of native environments.[2]

Join the millions of people rising up around the globe to say: we will end our government’s complicity in Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing and apartheid.[3] Take action!

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[1] IMEU’s memo spells out the tactic behind the Abraham Accords, a Trump administration policy that aims to coerce Palestinians into giving up their political rights in exchange for lavishing economic incentives onto a privileged few: IMEU Policy Analysis #5: Abraham Accords Isolate Palestinians, Solidify Israel’s Apartheid Rule

[2] Our memo includes more background on the mechanisms in this bill, including the ‘greenwashing’ and ‘techwashing’ and that the bill tries to write into U.S. policy: USCPR Memo: Protect and Advance Human Rights — Oppose H.R. 2748/S. 1061 The Israel Relations Normalization Act

[3] Are your members of Congress cosponsors of the bill? Check out the list of House co-sponsors and Senate co-sponsors and be sure to use this tool to send a message expressing your opposition to this bill.





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