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Sign to End U.S. complicity in Israel’s genocide

Rashida Tlaib for Congress

The images of Palestinian children’s bodies hanging from the sides of bombed buildings or the cries of mothers holding their lifeless babies will never be forgotten. Witnessing the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza has changed us all. 

With U.S. diplomatic and financial support, as well as U.S. weapons, Israel’s government has displaced 2 million Palestinians and killed at least 29,000, including at least 12,000 children.

The UN’s International Court of Justice just ruled that Israel’s government is plausibly committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

The Court ordered Israel’s government to act immediately to prevent further harm to the Palestinian people, including by:

  • Stopping “acts of genocide” such as killing Palestinians and “causing serious bodily or mental harm” to Palestinians.
  • Preventing and punishing incitement to genocide
  • Immediately ensuring “the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance” to Gaza

The only way to implement the Court’s orders is by facilitating a lasting ceasefire.


As signers of the Genocide Convention, the U.S. is also legally obligated to prevent genocide, so this ruling puts U.S. leaders on notice for enabling violations of the Genocide Convention.

President Biden has sent thousands of bombs to Israel’s military, while blocking international efforts to stop the violence and watering down attempts to secure sufficient humanitarian aid. 

Meanwhile, Israel’s government is still starving Palestinians in Gaza and depriving the trapped population of other basic needs for survival such as water, shelter, and medical assistance.

U.S. leaders have leverage to stop this now, as primary funders of Israel’s military. Millions of lives still hang in the balance.

Please sign if you agree: The Biden administration must not only affirm the legitimacy of the ICJ’s ruling and facilitate an immediate ceasefire—it must comply with federal and international law by suspending military assistance to the Israeli government. 

108,160 Actions Taken

Only 96,640 more until our goal of 204,800


Rashida Tlaib for Congress


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