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Project Immigration Justice for Palestinians (Project IJP)

In response to the devastating and horrific humanitarian crisis and genocide in Gaza, the Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC) — in collaboration with organizations and attorneys across the country — has launched Project Immigration Justice for Palestinians (Project IJP). Project IJP seeks to provide humanitarian immigration support and assistance to Palestinians here and abroad. 

A few weeks ago, Project IJP hosted a virtual community forum where over 160 community members attended to learn more about the humanitarian immigration options available to community members. 

Project IJP has already matched over 50 Palestinian families with volunteer immigration attorneys and continues to receive case inquiries from community members on a daily basis.  While Project IJP endeavors to match all of our Palestinian community members to an attorney to receive free immigration services, we need your support. 

To achieve some of our humanitarian immigration objectives, our Palestinian community members may be required to pay fees to USCIS and other agencies.  We ask that you please help us support the humanitarian immigration needs of our Palestinian community members by donating to ease the burden of fee payments and other legal expenses incurred.  Please visit to learn more and donate to support our Palestinian community.





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