The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

Pocan discusses Gaza and Biden visit to Madison

“It appears to be a collective punishment of all Palestinians in Gaza.”

April 8, 2024

Any new assistance for Israel has to have conditions. We can’t allow them to continue to bomb people who don’t even have food and water. We need to be able to protect aid workers. We’re providing aid but we have to do it by air and water rather than through our friends. That’s not acceptable. We need to get aid to people. We need to make sure it’s delivered safely. Over 200 aid workers have been killed not just the most recent seven that’s gotten a lot of attention. A whole lot more has to be done. They should not be invading Rafah and certainly not doing it with the weaponry that the United States is providing. We’re hoping to talk to the administration about conditions on that funding for offensive weapons.

We’re a purple state. Joe Biden won it by under 21,000 votes last time. We have a tendency to have those really close statewide elections, sometimes under a 1% difference, and it means a number of things. One showing up. For Joe Biden, this is his ninth or 10th trip. In fact, he’s been here so often, I’m gonna ask the governor if he’s eligible for residency requirements to pay state income taxes. He has done so much to deliver for the American people. Investing in infrastructure. Rebuilding things in this country. Creating good paying jobs. Reducing costs for Americans in healthcare and energy through the inflation Reduction Act. And today, he’s announcing saving millions more people money on their student debt. That’s the sort of stuff people want from a president. So he’s actually showing he’s taking that age and experience he brings to actually deliver things and get things done. At the end of the day, people in Wisconsin, that’s what they’re gonna look at you look at. Clearly, Joe Biden has been very good for families in Wisconsin, and I think that’s going to pay off. If the election was decided just on the merits what I just explained what the president’s doing for people he should win, no problem.





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