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Palestine Children’s Relief Fund: Urgent Gaza Relief Updates

Urgent Gaza Relief

Our “Gaza Relief and Recovery” campaign aims to address urgent humanitarian needs and support long-term recovery efforts in Gaza. The funds raised will primarily focus on immediate relief, including providing essential medical supplies, food, medical treatment, clean water, and other necessities for families affected by the conflict. Additionally, our campaign will support rebuilding healthcare facilities and providing long-term support through impactful programs and projects to support the needs of children and the health sector in Gaza. It will also allocate resources towards trauma counseling, mental health support, and other initiatives for children affected by the conflict, aiming to foster healing and resilience within the community.
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Humanitarian Airlift: Medical Aid to Gaza


The PCRF team, in collaboration with the Jordan Hashemite Charitable Organization, loaded 30 tons of vital medicines and medical supplies onto a military cargo plane for swift delivery to four operational hospitals in South Gaza. Furthermore, one-third of a larger cargo plane was secured and loaded. The cargo reached Al-Arish airport in Egypt on December 7th, ready for swift transportation into Gaza.
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Food Relief: PCRF and UNRWA Aid Displaced Families in Southern Gaza, Rafah

The PCRF and UNRWA collaboration has distributed vital food supplies in Rafah since December 7, 2023. Initially, 7,561 kg of turkey meat aided 7,560 families. This effort extended to distributing 1,020 kg of calf meat and 1,000 vegetable baskets to 22 shelter centers supporting 199,653 displaced individuals.
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Fresh Turkey Distribution for Displaced Families in Southern Gaza, Rafah

Our staff in Rafah, in collaboration with UNRWA, identified an extra food source—fresh turkey meat. We’ve initiated a five-stage distribution plan, providing 5,000 kilograms to 10 shelters in each phase. This intervention aims to serve 100,000 displaced individuals over the next week, with efforts to secure more turkey meat underway.
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PCRF Partners with Anera to Provide 800,000 Hot Meals in Gaza

In a demonstration of solidarity, PCRF granted $1.5 million to Anera for 800,000 hot meals, underlining collective strength in crisis response. This collaboration so far has provided 125,628 ready-to-eat meals.
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Toys For Children In Gaza Shelters

Our Gaza team, with dedication and bravery, procured and distributed Toys for Children to bring joy to 6,000 children in shelters. Collaborating with UNRWA, our committed team members, Mahmoud and Fadi, facilitated the distribution process. Your continued support is crucial as we strive to make a positive impact in Gaza’s challenging shelter conditions.
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Humanitarian Collaboration: PCRF and PRCS Address Urgent Needs for Stranded Gaza Workers

In response to dire circumstances, PCRF, in collaboration with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), has provided essential relief to Gaza workers that have been left stranded in the West Bank’s Jenin and Tubas regions since the beginning of October. Our joint effort delivers urgently needed items, including blankets, pillows, and mattresses, to help alleviate the pressing humanitarian crisis. This crucial initiative is a direct response to the harsh conditions faced by Gaza workers.commitment to global humanitarian efforts is vividly demonstrated through this initiative, wherein each shipment comprises essential medical supplies meticulously chosen to address the pressing challenges faced by the people of Gaza.
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   Help Provide Urgent Humanitarian Care for Gaza's Children

Amidst the Unfolding Crisis in Gaza, Over One Million Children Hang in the Balance

PCRF is the primary humanitarian organization in Palestine, delivering crucial and life-saving medical relief and humanitarian aid where it is needed most.  Access to essential resources like food, clean water, and healthcare is severely limited. Urgent action is needed. With your support, we can continue this vital work, ensuring that the over one million children of Gaza receive the urgent care they need and deserve.






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