The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

October 22, 2023
Palestine Speaks Webinar

Join us this Sunday for the second webinar of Palestine Speaks, an emergency webinar series giving people around the world a forum to hear directly from Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank about the ways their communities are being impacted by the events of this last week and about the escalating violence they are experiencing.

The occupation regime does all it can to fracture Palestinian society and isolate them from each other and the world. We will come together to hear Palestinians speak in their own words, express our solidarity, and demand an end to collective punishment in Gaza and the West Bank.

For the second webinar of the series we will be joined by three prolific community advocates and human rights defenders. Join us to hear their insights about the current moment and the implications for Palestinian freedom. The featured speakers are:

    Mustafa Sheta: General Director of the Jenin Freedom Theater, a lauded institution that offers drama and performance art education in the heart of the Jenin Refugee Camp.

    Sameeha Hureini: Founder of the Mothers of Sumud project in Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills, a women lead project which resists settler expropriation of land in Area C.

    Mohammed Barakat: Green Olive Senior Partner and first generation refugee whose family was expelled from their home outside Jerusalem in 1948. He worked in Palestinian labor unions, hospitality, and tourism for many decades.







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