The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

November 8 – 11
The Other Israel Film Festival

The Other Israel Film Festival
Streaming two films from Breaking the Silence

The First 54 Years: An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation
The latest from Director and Breaking the Silence Executive Board member Avi Mograbi has been making the rounds at film festivals around the world. Based on testimonies of former IDF soldiers and officers who served in the occupied territories since 1967, the film analyzes the various methods put in place to keep the occupied Palestinian population under control, as a case study in how to maintain a prolonged, and even perpetual, military regime.

This extraordinary journey from the birth of the occupation until today, told through first-hand accounts, is woven together through Mograbi’s outstanding storytelling, and is well worth watching for anyone interested in how the occupation came to be what it is today.

To see the film online, purchase a ticket through 10:45 pm Central on Nov. 11. (Use discount code BREOI21 for 20% off.)

Mission: Hebron
One of three shorts in the festival, this film is based on a series of interviews with Breaking the Silence testifiers who speak about their service in the city of Hebron, the second largest Palestinian city in the West Bank with an Israeli settlement in its center. Together, they describe a horrifying yet mundane routine of manning checkpoints, invading homes, nighttime arrests, shooting protesters and so on. This fast-moving short film, directed by the renowned Israeli director Rona Segal, has been featured at film festivals around the world including the highly prestigious IDFA Festival in the Netherlands, and won the best short documentary prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival. It has recently been longlisted for an Academy Award.

Admission is free, but register before 10:45 pm Central on Nov. 11.





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