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National Call-in Day for Palestine

Please call your Senators offices in DC to oppose even more military aid to Israel. This aid will be discussed tomorrow, October 31 in a Senate hearing on $105 billion of weapons and border militarization.
Ask that they:
• Oppose further military aid to Israel, which is using US weapons to massacre civilians.
• Call for an immediate ceasefire and in particular, a stop to the bombing.
• Demand that Israel allow unlimited humanitarian aid access to Gaza.
• Speak out against the ethnic cleansing currently going on in the West Bank.
If you have already called, call again. And send this alert to others that you know. If you aren’t able to get them today, try tomorrow morning. Call local offices too, but first priority is DC.

Senator Tammy Baldwin
DC Office (202) 224-5653
Madison office: (608) 264-5338
Milwaukee Office (608) 796-0045
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Senator Baldwin’s first and second statements on this issue
Senator Ron Johnson
DC Office: (202) 224-5323
Madison Office:  (608) 240-9629
Milwaukee Office (414) 276-7282
Other offices and options to contact
Ron Johnson interview on WPR about the issue






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