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Madison Common Council members call for ceasefire in Gaza

Vote to condemn Antisemitism & Islamophobia

MADISON (WKOW) — Members of Madison’s Common Council had the conflict in the Middle East on their minds Tuesday night as they approved a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and a separate resolution that condemns Antisemitism and Islamophobia.

The resolution on the ceasefire calls for “an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and urgent political action to both de-escalate the crisis and to prioritize truth, reconciliation, restitution, and the building of a future for the Palestinian and Israeli people.” 

The measure also urges support for the immediate release of all hostages.

The resolution condemning Antisemitism and Islamophobia says the crisis in the Middle East is “creating fear and distress throughout the United States and our local community.” It also points out an increase in Antisemitism and Islamophobia since the Israel-Hamas war began.

The resolution declares the Madison Common Council is dedicated to fostering a community that embraces diversity and upholds the principles of equity and human rights and that the council recognizes the importance of creating a community where every resident can live free from fear and discrimination.






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