The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

Letter from Emad Sha’at in Rafah

October 25, 2003

Thank you for your continuous support and committment towards Rafah City and Rafah People.
From the start of the Intifadah, Rafah has suffered more than any other Palestinian city,
Since the start of the Intifadah to date, Rafh has suffered ofthe follwing:

    271 Martyrs were killed by the Israelis, 75 of those are children.
    2500 injured people, of which 110 are permenantly Handicapped
    1150 Houses were destroyed completely
    3249 Houses were destroyed partially and unfit to live in.

This is just part of the story, mind you the destroyed green houses, land, tress uprooting ——etc.
This is the information that your delegation should know about before coming to Rafah.
I will let you know when we receive the money into the Municipality account.
The contact of THE City of Pesaro in ITALY IS AS FOLLOW:, Attn. Dr. Ilaro Barnbanti – Deputy Mayor of Pesaro and Mr. Gabriel Delmonte – Assistant to the Mayor of Pesaro,
I also hope that a delegation from Rafah Municipality can come to visit Madison and Olympia and other cities you think of importance to visit. What do you think?
Thank you again and I look forward to your response
Best Regards,
Dr. Emad Sha’at
Deputy Mayor
Rafah City