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The situation in Gaza is more than catastrophic as Israel’s genocidal attacks continue. We hope the start of South Africa’s case in the International Court of Justice today will add to the building international pressure to stop Israel’s attacks and lift the brutal siege.

We urge you to watch the powerful testimonies building a case that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza and to join some of the Bay Area actions for Palestine this weekend or the National March on Washington for Gaza on January 13 (see below).

We also wanted to share this new video from MECA’s team in Gaza. Wafaa El-Derawi shares some of the challenges we face, the work we are still doing with your support, and the need for international solidarity with Palestinians now more than ever.

In solidarity,

All of us at MECA



Bay Area Solidarity with Gaza Events

Visit AROC’s website for full listing of Bay Area events

Jan 13: Port Shutdown for Palestine
Jan 14: West Coast March for Gaza

& much more!

March on Washington for Gaza

On January 13th, 2024, the American Muslim Task Force for Palestine* in partnership with the ANSWER Coalition, will host the March On Washington for Gaza. We call on all our supporters to join us for this monumental event and make sure their demands for justice are met.

Date: Saturday, January 13th, 2024 | 1:00 PM

Location: Freedom Plaza | 1325 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004


SF Gig for Gaza: Irish Musicians host a benefit concert for the children of Gaza

Saturday, January 13, 4-8pm

To be held in the Emerald Pub at the UICC; all ages welcome. It’s for the kids, so bring the kids!

Musicians: Shay Black, Eamonn Flynn, Darcy Noonan, Hector Bragado, Ben Hunter, Christy O’Connell, Stacy Samuels Erica & Friends, Ceol Na Mná (Iseult Jordan, Marla Fibish & Susan Spurlock), Colm O’Riain, Erin Ruth, The Gas Men, Rory McNamara, Matt Lacques, Sean Kelly, Neill O’Neill, and more…

Suggested Donation $20 (All Donations accepted)



Over 22,000 Palestinian people have been killed by the Israeli military and over 2 million Palestinian people trapped in Gaza under the heaviest bombardment yet. WE ARE WITNESSING GENOCIDE.

We are not helpless in this moment. We need everyone to TAKE ACTION.




The people of Gaza have a number one demand: KEEP UP THE PRESSURE & CALL FOR A CEASEFIRE NOW.

Use your power and influence to hold our U.S. government accountable.


Emergency Aid for Gaza

Make a donation  to support MECA & our local partners in Gaza providing emergency aid to thousands of displaced families

Set up a personalized fundraising page to help raise funds for MECA’s emergency aid work

Ceasefire NOW

Join more than 800 organizations and 1 million people in calling for a #CeasefireNOW to ensure the protection of civilians.

This campaign aims to reach 2.2 million signatories – 1 for each of the Palestinians living in the besieged and bombarded Gaza Strip.






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