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Avaaz, November 22, 2023

Dear friends,

We are grieving — our friend Majd Arendas was killed in an airstrike in Gaza.

He wanted to show you the beautiful children of Palestine. Kids who are still alive and that we can still save — he was on a mission to record video testimonies of kids telling us about their dreams, hoping this could strengthen the call for a ceasefire.

But he was killed just hours after sending us the videos.

To honor this man is to finish his work. Join the #LetThemGrowUp campaign to amplify these children’s cry for help.

We made a tribute video using the materials Majd sent us. Watch it and share it with everyone you know:


Gaza’s children are not numbers, they are not death counts. They are beautiful beings — like all children. And they deserve a chance to grow up!

Majd was killed trying to save these children. He believed that helping to tell their stories could help save their lives.

Rest in power, Majd Arendas.

With grief but still standing in hope,
Nana, Nell, Fadi, Mo, Chris, Dudu, Muriel and the whole Avaaz team

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