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GAZA RESISTS With Mohammed Hisam

The Katie Halper Show, October 11, 2023

I’m joined by Mohammed Hisam is a Palestinian-American community organizer and attorney based out of Houston, TX.

00:00 Intro
00:57 Mohammed’s relationship to Palestine
02:19 Organizing for Palestinian rights
07:13 Is Mohammed’s family safe?
10:27 How to support Palestine
12:50 How Mohammed has been harassed and doxxed
15:22 What happened at the ‘All Out For Palestine’ protests?
19:56 What the media gets wrong about the Hamas attacks
37:25 Jamie Lee Curtis’Instagram F-up
40:20 What Palestinians suffer through everyday
52:12 What needs to change in the Israeli Government
54:10 Would Israel level Gaza?
65:53 Biden’s support for Israel goes back to the 80’s

Mohammed Hisam is an organizer with the Palestinian Youth Movement and currently serves as Director of Advocacy and Education for the Palestinian American Cultural Center – Houston. As an community organizer, Hisam engages in advocacy on behalf of the Palestinian community and for the Palestinian cause through organizing demonstrations and educational events and overseeing two critical grants that support Palestinian students and student organizing on Texas campuses.

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