The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

December 14+ 2023
Daily Occupation for a Ceasefire

Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Building Unity is joining with “Madison for a World Beyond War” and others who are holding down a daily occupation at: Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s Office, 30 W. Mifflin St.

It started on December 1, 2023. While we all hope that this occupation will soon become unnecessary with the onset of a permanent ceasefire in Palestine, we are prepared to keep our presence going at Senator Baldwin’s Madison office through at least December 15, 2023.

Of course if Senator Baldwin meets our demand and calls for a ceasefire before our “possible last day” on Dec. 15, our focus at her office will shift dramatically.

Join us anytime and for as little or as much as you can.
DAILY | Monday – Friday | 9:00AM until 5:00PM

Come when the time is right for you, come to one of the special occupation events, come by yourself, or bring friends, family, and neighbors … Just come! Every person has a gift to offer at this ongoing occupation/sit-in.

For more information about this sit-in/occupation, please go to:

We want to express our respect and gratitude to Senator Baldwin and her Madison Office Staff. They have been friendly, professional, and committed to treating their Madison office as an “office for the people.” They have been honoring and respectful of our right to assemble and for that we are grateful. The kind and respectful exchanges that we are sharing with them, bring some hope that together, we can move in the direction of peace for Palestine.

Please come in and thank the Senator’s staff for their kindness.

30 W. Mifflin St. (State St. Corner of the Capitol Square)

Please also call their office to share your views about the need for a ceasefire now! (608) 264-5338 – Senator Baldwin’s Madison Office

Please also call her in Washington D.C. – (202) 224-5653

For questions, comments, ideas, or concerns, please call Building Unity at 608-630-3633.


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