The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

April 28, 2024: Challenging Empire – Israel, USA & Imperialism

Goodman Community Center
Hicks Room
149 Waubesa St, Madison
4-5:30 pm

Israel’s genocidal invasion of Gaza has continued for over six months, with full backing from the Biden administration, and is now threatening to spiral into a wider regional conflict. Why does the US government care so little for Palestinian lives, what strategy lies behind its support for Israel, and what can we do in this country to alter the balance of forces, end the carnage, and support justice for Palestine? Come to this meeting, organized by the Tempest Collective in Madison, to discuss these issues.


Brian Ward is an educator, socialist and activist who lives in Madison (occupied Ho-Chunk Land), and has lived and worked on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home of the Oglala Lakota Nation. His writing, primarily on Indigenous liberation and environmentalism, has appeared in numerous publications.

brian bean is a socialist organizer and writer based in Chicago. He is a member of the Tempest Collective, a part of the Rampant Magazine editorial collective, and an editor and contributor to the book Palestine: A Socialist Introduction from Haymarket Books.





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