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April 11, 2024: Journalist Arun Gupta on Debunked Oct. 7 Atrocity Stories


12 noon – 1 pm

WORT Radio 89.9 FM or listen live online here

In the days following the October 7th Hamas attack on Israel, numerous reports of horrifying atrocities perpetrated on civilians of all ages rapidly appeared across the media sphere. While some of the key accounts eventually came to be refuted by respected Israeli sources, the initial stories had already acquired a life of their own within Israel and internationally. By playing an important role in shaping opinion in Israel, the US and elsewhere, those stories helped to legitimize Israel’s all out war by dehumanizing the Palestinians.

Joining us will be investigative journalist ARUN GUPTA, author of several articles appearing in The Intercept and more recently Yes! Magazine that explore the complex ways in which several of the most repeated but now debunked atrocity stories came about, and what their impact has been. Show will be archived at:





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