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ADC: Demand Biden, World Leaders Stop Israel Invasion of Rafah

Washington, DC | | May 11, 2024 – The ongoing genocide and invasion of Rafah has placed the lives of millions of Palestinians at risk. The Biden Administration, as well as other global leaders have empowered Israel to act with impunity and no accountability. We are calling on our members to take immediate action   and send a message to the Biden Administration, Congress, and the Ambassadors of France, Germany, and the U.K. to the U.S., demanding that immediate global action be taken to end the genocide.   

Over 1 million Palestinians, among them 600,000 children, face an immediate forced transfer out of Rafah. This escalation and impending full-scale invasion of Rafah is a direct result of the Biden administration’s unwillingness to end Israel’s seven-month long genocide in Gaza. Longstanding U.S. policy of impunity and unconditional support for Israel has empowered the horrific devastation that we see daily.  

Take action now and demand  the Biden Administration and world leaders  do more to bring an immediate end to the genocide. Over 1 million Palestinians, among them 600,000 children, have been forced to seek shelter in Rafah where they live in tent cities and are suffering from a humanitarian catastrophe.The consequences of the Israeli invasion into Rafah are cataclysmic. Already we have seen occupation forces on the ground as they seized the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing, a vital entry point for aid to Gaza on the Egyptian border. Israel has now taken complete control over the provision of aid, and stopped all movement at the crossing.   

Take Action Now: Contact Your Member of Congress, Global Leaders Now

The U.S. plays a critical role in providing support to a genocidal regime that is hellbent on continuing its policy of engineered famine, forced displacement, and genocide. The Biden Administration, and world leaders must take action that leads to an immediate, permanent, and unconditional ceasefire, and use any measures available to force Israel to pull out of Rafah. 

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