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A message from Gaza: We need huge protests to stop this genocide

Writer Ahmed Abu Artema, one of the founders of Gaza’s mass nonviolent mobilization, the Great March of Return, sent this voice message by WhatsApp from Gaza today.

The transcript has been lightly edited for clarity. You can listen to Ahmed’s voice message in the video above.

Comrades and friends: There are very few times I can connect to the internet. The situation here in Gaza is very crazy. There is no electricity, no internet, no supplies.

I am just trying to use this very little time to speak with you. Many of our friends asked me: How can we help Gaza? What can we do?

There are many ways to help, but the biggest priority now is how to stop this Israeli-American genocide against the people.

What’s happening now is literally genocide.

It’s a very clear plan to force the people of Gaza to leave their homes, their cities, towards Egypt. So it’s an extension of the genocide started in 1948.

The priority now is to protest. We need very, very, very huge protests in the United States, Europe, everywhere, to say enough, to say stop the genocide.

Israel is lying. Look at the websites. Israel didn’t target fighters. This is a very important point. Israel is claiming that it is targeting Hamas. But Israel is not targeting Hamas.

It is targeting the children, the families. About 50 families have been completely wiped out.

Hundreds of victims are children and women. Israel is destroying the houses while families are sleeping inside. Israel has destroyed complete neighborhoods. So don’t believe Israel is targeting Hamas.

We didn’t see until now any important militant target that Israel destroyed in Gaza. Israel is killing and massacring families, innocent people.

So please, this is the most important thing to do now: Organize very big protests in all the cities, in all places, and say enough of this genocide, enough of this massacre that Israel is committing against children, against families. Thank you.





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