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MECA: Act now to stop the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza

Middle East Children's Alliance

The people of Palestine need you like never before. This genocidal attack is reaching a new phase. We need you to act now to stop the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza.

As Israeli bombs hit Gaza from the land, sea, and air, 2.3 million people are now are completely cut off from the outside world and each other. Heavy Israeli airstrikes earlier today have taken out all methods of communication: no landlines, no cellphones, no internet. 

This is a terrifying development. It means:

  • Families can no longer check on their relatives
  • Ambulances cannot be called
  • Rescue workers don’t know where to go
  • Local journalists can’t document the atrocities

This communications blackout also impacts MECA’s emergency aid for children and families. We can’t reach our staff or partners in Gaza and they can’t communicate with local suppliers. We are uncertain if we will be able to organize more distributions of critical aid for children and families. 

Meanwhile, Israel continues to kill, injure and displace Palestinians in Gaza everywhere, at every moment. 

Please don’t wait. Don’t close this email. Take these actions now to stop the genocide in Gaza!

P.S. If you are looking for news from Gaza, Al Jazeera is one of the few news outlets still able to broadcast live from Gaza and tell the world what is happening. 


Protest to Stop the Genocide!

Join us in SF tomorrow to demand that our government stop supporting the genocide in Gaza!

Saturday, October 28, 1pm
Harry Bridges Plaza (Embarcadero

Not in the Bay Area? Find a protest in your area

Download signs for your local protests



Over 7000 Palestinian people have been killed by the Israeli military and over 2 million Palestinian people trapped in Gaza under the heaviest bombardment yet. Just now, Israel completely cut off Internet and cell networks in Gaza in a total blackout. WE ARE WITNESSING GENOCIDE.

We are not helpless in this moment. We need everyone to TAKE ACTION.


The people of Gaza have a number one demand: KEEP UP THE PRESSURE & CALL FOR A CEASEFIRE NOW.

Use your power and influence to hold our U.S. government accountable.


Ceasefire NOW

Join more than 400 organizations and 80k people in calling for a #CeasefireNOW to ensure the protection of civilians.

This campaign aims to reach 2.2 million signatories – 1 for each of the Palestinians living in the besieged and bombarded Gaza Strip.

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