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Update from Middle East Children’s Alliance

Thank you so much for your support of the Middle East Children’s Alliance. At this devastating time, we want to share an online version of the most recent MECA newsletter to tell you about our emergency aid response in Gaza, and to provide some other news.

Since this newsletter went out in the mail, the suffering in Gaza has intensified. Despite the difficulty, danger, and scarcity, MECA staff, partners and volunteers continue to go out every day to deliver meals  and food parcels. You can read the newsletter articles and see the photos on MECA’s website (see links below), browse a digital version or download a PDF file.

Many thanks and solidarity from all of us at MECA 
In this issue:
• All of Us, All Over the World, Are Living on Gaza Time by MECA director Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch
• Gaza Diaries: Wafaa’s Words of Agony, Pain, and Resilience by Waed Abbas 
• As Genocide Unfolds, MECA Provides Emergency Aid
• Remembering the Remarkable Nabila Mango
• Beloved Student Muhammad Shot in West Bank & more
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