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Update: Grassroots to Gaza Emergency Aid Campaign

We wanted to give you an update on our Grassroots to Gaza campaign for emergency Gaza relief via the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA). The latest from MECA on hunger in Gaza follows.

First of all, a huge thank you to the many, many people who have already donated to this campaign.

Our campaign of online donations and old-fashioned checks has just exceeded its third goal of $15,000. As of March 22, we have raised and sent $15,890 to MECA.

Donate online for our new goal of $20,000!
If you prefer to send a check, make it out to MECA and send it to:

    P.O. Box 5214
    Madison WI 53705

The Valentine’s Day to Leap Year Silent Auction raised approximately $7,000 in winning bids and donations.  We are now planning a Silent Art Auction, and are looking for donations from artists and artisans. Please spread this call widely:

We are looking for one or two volunteers who would like to help us make this auction a success, especially by contacting potential donors/producers active in the local arts & crafts scenes. If this interests you, please contact


MECA staff & local partners are distributing 1,000 parcels of fresh produce every day in Gaza

March 22, 2024

Just six months ago, at fifteen kindergartens in Gaza, children started school for the first time and were delighted to get fresh, warm homemade lunches. They were periodically evaluated for malnutrition and undernutrition and referred to special clinic if necessary.

MECA started the PaliRoots Meal Program five years ago to fight malnutrition in children, in response to the deprivation caused by the Israeli blockade on Gaza.

Today, in North Gaza, one in three children below the age of two is now acutely malnourished or “wasted”. This means they are dangerously thin for their height, which puts them at risk of death.

More than a million people are facing the worst possible level of starvation, the highest number ever recorded.

These figures come from to a new report by the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) which also warns full-scale famine could occur any day.

We all have to keep working, protesting, advocating for a ceasefire and aid. But, right now we also have to provide food to people before they die. Your contributions now will support solar-powered kitchens, delivery of fresh produce from farmers, distribution of food parcels and anything else our staff, partners and volunteers can buy in Gaza.

The only thing that can stop famine at this point is an immediate ceasefire and the entry of massive amounts of food.

The people of Gaza have no one to count on but us and others around the world who see what Israel is doing and are trying to stop it.  Please, demonstrate your solidarity today by taking action and making a contribution to MECA  so people in Gaza can eat.

In solidarity,
All of us at MECA

P.S. On Saturday, 26 trucks of aid entered Gaza, when a minimum of 500 a day are needed.  Israel is using starvation as a weapon on war and the US government could force Israel to let more aid in but it won’t. We hope you will give whatever you can so MECA can get whatever food is available to as many people as possible. Thank you.





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  1. Julia Goldman

    Hello, I want to send some artwork, just need to check what the mailing address is

    1. Admin

      Hello, Julie, and thanks for your support. I’ve sent an email with the contact information.

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