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Settlers Attack Rabbis

Rabbis for Human Rights delegation physically attacked by settlers while documenting cut trees

Rabbis for Human Rights, 27 Oct 2003

This morning a RHR delegation was attacked by settlers while documenting cut trees. Well known journalist John Ross, age 66, is on his way to Beilinson Hospital. RHR executive director Rabbi Arik Ascherman was also bitten, along with activist David Nir. Dalya Bones was threatened.

The delegation arrived at Ein Abus after receiving words that hundreds of trees have been cut down there and in the village of Isawiya. Five young settlers, some of them with there face covered, descended with clubs. Rabbi Ascherman and David Nir were kicked with clubs and stones. They took Rabbi Ascherman’s Kipa (head cover) and said that this was their land.

After leaving Ascherman and Nir, they saw a Palestinian family. The family ran away but they saw John Ross and started biting him. They turned back to Ascherman when he came to save Ross. Ascherman held them at a stand off until they retreated because the police was arriving.

Ross is on his way to Beilinson while Ascherman and Nir are on their way to make a complaint at the Ariel Police office.

For further details:
Rabbi Ascherman: 050-607034
David Nir: 052-991379
Dalya Bones: 053-325189
Ibrahim (asawiya): 067-751555 (Hebrew)
Ein Abus representative: 052-584410
Muhamad: 052-886195

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