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On International Women’s Day We Mourn the 9,000+ Palestinian Women Killed

Middle East Children's Alliance

We suffer from violence, from sadness, from injustice, from humiliation, from the hardest forms of torture at the hands of the occupation. … My wish on International Women’s Day is for this war not to get repeated.
— Aya, refugee camp, Rafah, Gaza, Palestine


Women in Gaza living and dying under Israel’s genocidal attacks are on our minds and in our hearts today, and every day.
Palestinian liberation is a reproductive justice issue, a gender justice issue, and a human rights issue. On International Women’s Day on March 8th, we bring attention to the intersecting oppressions that Palestinian women face in Gaza. Israel has ruthlessly killed more than 9,000 Palestinian women since October, and continues to expose 1 million women and girls to unbearable life conditions. Swipe through to hear from them.

We call on feminists and human rights activists around the world to stand in solidarity with Palestinian women, and take action to stop the genocide.




Over 30,000 Palestinian people have been killed by the Israeli military and over 2 million Palestinian people trapped in Gaza under the heaviest bombardment yet. WE ARE WITNESSING GENOCIDE.

We are not helpless in this moment. We need everyone to TAKE ACTION.

The people of Gaza have a number one demand: KEEP UP THE PRESSURE & CALL FOR A CEASEFIRE NOW. Use your power and influence to hold our U.S. government accountable. Visit





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