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MECA colleague and friend Doaa Al-Masri killed in Gaza

Middle East Children's Alliance

Doaa receives a group of schoolgirls at the Edward Said Library in Gaza

Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza continue and each day more precious lives are lost. We are sad and enraged by the news that our friend and colleague Doaa Al-Masri was killed with her family on Thursday night. Doaa was the librarian at the Edward Said Public Library in Gaza. She was a kind and energetic young woman who organized many activities for children and youth at the library including reading groups, classes, and field trips for schools.

Doaa was also a volunteer in many other projects. During each Israeli attack on Gaza, she joined her colleagues at MECA partner Youth Vision Society in procuring, packing, and delivering emergency aid to children and families. Just last week, in the midst of intense Israeli attacks, she joined two other volunteers to provide warm clothes to children in northern Gaza. 

We mourn the loss of Doaa, a loss for MECA, for the many children whose lives she touched, and for Palestine. We will miss her smile and her radiant energy. Doaa is one of tens of thousands of people killed in Gaza over the last 64 days. Each one is a terrible loss to those who knew and loved them.

Doaa emcees a special event showcasing children’s art and music in Gaza

Doaa facilitates a cultural exchange between Palestinian children at the Edward Said Libraries in Gaza and East Jerusalem





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  1. My heart is broken. I am so sorry. Doaa </3

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