The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

March 29, 2016
Film Standstill by Palestinian – Canadian filmmaker Majdi El-Omari

Standstill is the story of two people forced by political and social upheaval to confront the past, in order to move forward in life despite inertia from different circumstances. The Mohawk Arihote is a stranger in his own land, while the Palestinian Wedad is most definitely a stranger in a strange land.

Majdi El-Omari is a Palestinian – Canadian filmmaker. After working in the Middle East as an assistant director and production manager on various feature and documentary films, El-Omari became a filmmaker, scriptwriter, producer and editor. El-Omari’s short films d’auteur At the Window (short fiction, 30 min.); Traces on the Rock of Elsewhere (short fiction, 15 min.); À propos de l’autre (documentary, 60 min.); The Evergreen Oak (documentary, 37 min.); Al Nawss (The Quiver of the Branch by the Wind) (docudrama, 25 min.); and The Question of Assaad (short fiction, 15 min.) have been selected in several international festivals. Standstill is his debut feature film.