The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

March 2, 2024
Poor Peoples’ Campaign Assembly at the Capitol

We are forming a Kuffiyeh Contingent
Meet at 10:30 am
State Street Entrance steps

Please join us for a Free Palestine contingent. Wear Kuffiyehs and bring along your signs and banners calling for a ceasefire and an end to US weapons funding for Israel. Look for us under the Palestinian flags on the State Street steps to the Capital at 10:30, or during the march whenever you arrive.

The Poor People’s Campaign is sponsoring a simultaneous day of direct action at statehouses all across the country whose aim is to bring together thousands of poor and low-wealth people and their allies to demand a moral agenda from our lawmakers at the state level. Their invitation: “Let’s join together to demand living wages, voting rights, healthcare, fully-funded public education, a healthy environment, clean water, affordable and decent housing, an end to the war economy, militarism and genocide, an end to poverty, and MORE!”

Israel’s bill to U.S. taxpayers for their assault on Gaza and continuing occupation of the West Bank is on track to be $18 billion for 2023 and early 2024.  That’s $3.8 billion in annual aid, plus a $14.5 billion supplemental package before Congress.

Here’s what we’re buying:  Israel’s bombardment of Gaza has killed over 30,000 people in 5 months, including 12,660 children.  Israel is now preparing to invade Rafah, a 25 square mile area at the southern end of Gaza where 1.5 million people are now sheltering in hospitals, schools and tents. Please join us in demanding that US funding for Israel’s military be redirected to human needs and insist that the Biden administration call for No Ground Invasion of Rafah.

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