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June 24 – 26, 2024: War profiteers in Madison! They are not welcome!

Week of June 24

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–   Monday 6/24 midday vigil 

–   Tuesday 6/25 midday vigil

–   Wednesday 6/26 community actions

–   Your message

War profiteers, including Lockheed, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman are having a secret symposium in Madison this coming week, June 24th – 27th. It will be hosted at Monona Terrace, and the building will be closed to the general public.

Most of the sessions and presentations are led by defense contractors, Defence Department officials and representatives of various branches of the US military. Furthermore, thematically, this symposium is heavily dominated by topics of weapon development, such as hypersonic missile technology, advanced materials, and missile defense.

This event is restricted to government and government contractors only; is not advertised and is not open to the press or general public.

They want to be unnoticed! So let’s not let them fly under the radar!

Monday 6/24, Tuesday 6/25 12pm – Madison for WBW is planning to be present in the MLK blvd block between E Wilson and E Doty. The goal and details are being defined; but the fundamental issue remains the same: the war industry causes global death and destruction of all life, suffering, loss of a future and we stand against it.

Wednesday 6/26 – A coalition of local groups is working on organizing a community action for this day. The hope is to get as many of us out there to show our unequivocal opposition: we know what the war industry causes and we don’t want it.  

Please understand that both plans above are being worked on as we write. Details as places, times, engagements are being discussed in the coalition.   They will be communicated daily on instagram: stay tuned!  If you are not linked to Instagram, please email to to let us know that you want to be informed.

Your message – Create your own sound bite message against the war industry: what is your main reason to oppose it (many choices…); make your own sign of dissent to wave. Send us a picture of that slogan, we’ll collect them.

World BEYOND War is a global network of volunteers, chapters, and affiliated organizations advocating for the abolition of the institution of war. 
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