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January 24, 2024
Webinar: “Israel, South Africa, Genocide, and the International Court of Justice”

A Conversation with Robert Herbst
12 noon CT
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South Africa sued Israel for genocide in the International Court of Justice (“ICJ”) late last year.  On January 11 and 12, the court heard its initial arguments on South Africa’s claim for preliminary relief, styled Provisional Measures.

Robert Herbst and Michael Spath will be discussing the case and its political, moral and religious implications for Palestinians, Israelis, and their American supporters in our first webinar of 2024.

Viewers will get some understanding of (1) how genocide is defined in the Genocide Convention to which South Africa and Israel are both signatories, (2) the allegations of genocidal intent and genocidal acts detailed in South Africa’s 84 page complaint, styled an Application, which has now also been joined by others, including Turkey and Malaysia, (3) Israel’s response, (4) the nature of these proceedings before the ICJ, its jurisdiction and possible outcomes.  Come join us! 

Robert Herbst is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, as well as a veteran international human rights attorney, arguing cases in Sierra Leone and other countries.  He and Michael Spath are co-chairs of ICAHD-USA.

Michael Spath is the Executive Director of the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace and a member of UCC-PIN and the Global Kairos for Justice Coalition.  He and Robert Herbst are co-chairs of ICAHD-USA.





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