The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

April 23, 2004
International Day of Action Against Caterpillar in Peoria


The “Stop CAT” Coalition invites you to join us in standing up for Palestinian human rights and to demand that Caterpillar cease all sales to Israel. This demonstration is part of the April 23 “International Day of Action Against Caterpillar.”

Say NO to illegal home demolitions in Palestine!

WHAT: Rally and March to CAT headquarters
WHEN: Friday, April 23rd, 2004, @ Noon
WHERE: Peoria Civic Center parking lot, on the corner of SW Monroe St. and Fulton St, Peoria, Illinois. The southern half of the lot will be used for car and bus parking, which will be free and available for everyone attending.

At 2:00 we will march to CAT headquarters, and demand that CEO James Ownes meet with a delegation, which will included Rachel Corrie’s parents (a year ago, Rachel was trying to stop a Palestinian home from being demolished, when she was crushed and killed by an Israeli soldier using a Caterpillar bulldozer), at 3:00.

Items to bring to the demonstration and ideas for signs:

Buses will be leaving Chicago at 8 AM on Friday, April 23rd. The meeting point is the corner of State Street and E. 13th Street.

The fee is $10-$20 sliding scale, with scholarships available. For tickets, please contact

Go to to send a letter to CAT (please edit the letter to include the demand that James Owens, CEO of Caterpillar, meet with the parents of Rachel Corrie and a small delegation in Peoria at 3:00 PM on Friday, April 23!).

For more info, visit or call 312-491-1789.

Endorsers of the Campaign:
Al Awda – Chicago
Al Awda – Wisconsin
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (Houston)
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (Wisconsin)
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (Chicago)
Atlanta Palestine Solidarity
Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice
Boston to Palestine
Bradley Peace Network (Bradley University, Peoria IL)
Brian Avery
Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism
Chicago International A.N.S.W.E.R. Volunteers
Citizens for Fair Legislation
Coalition for Justice in Palestine – Chicago
Committee for Justice in Palestine (Ohio State University)
Craig and Cindy Corrie
DePaul Students for Justice in Palestine
Direct Action Palestine
End the Occupation (Naperville IL)
Free Palestine Alliance – US
Freedom For Palestine
Friends of Palestine (Purdue University)
Global Exchange
HammerHard Media Works (Chicago)
International Action Center – Chicago Chapter
Iowans For A Free Palestine (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
ISM (Chicago)
ISM (Montreal)
ISM (Northern California)
Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East
Madison-Rafah Sister City Project
McHenry County Peace Group
Michigan Peace Team
National Lawyers Guild (Chicago)
Northwest Suburban SUSTAIN
Not In My Name
OPTICS – Organizing Pittsburgh To Increase Community Solidarity
Palestine Solidarity Committee/ISM (Seattle)
Palestine Solidarity Group (Chicago)
Palestine Solidarity Movement
Peace Action Wisconsin – Mideast Committee
Peace Pledge – Chicago
People for Justice in Palestine – Iowa City, IA
Peoria Area Peace Network
Prairie Fire Organizing Committee
QUIT (Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism)
St. Louis University Solidarity With Palestine
Students for Justice in Palestine (University of Chicago)
Students for Social Justice (Chicago)
SUSTAIN (Bay Area)
SUSTAIN (Dallas)
SUSTAIN (Memphis)
SUSTAIN (St. Louis)
Tikkun Community – Chicago
Tri-Taylor Neighbors for Peace
United for Peace and Justice (Dallas)
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Worldwide Movement for Justice and Peace (Houston TX)