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AIPAC is buying primary elections

Here we go again! Super PACs are trying to buy Democratic elections and taint the process with misinformation.

In particular, AIPAC and its affiliates are spending millions of dollars to defeat progressives in blue districts. They are trying to buy primaries, targeting the candidates voters are most excited about — primarily women of color — and attempting to undermine and discredit them with blatant lies.

All because these candidates don’t waiver on human rights for all, including ensuring that Palestinians live with human dignity.

For example, Summer Lee, who we endorsed for Congress, had a 25-point lead just weeks before Election Day, before AIPAC’s dark money campaign spent millions of dollars on attack ads, spreading misinformation, to confuse voters. By Election Day, the race was close, but Summer did end up winning thanks to incredible grassroots people-centered organizing. However, it was still painful to see the attacks on Summer.

The aggressive attacks by AIPAC and its affiliates are just increasing. They have already spent an unprecedented $18+ million in Democratic primaries.

In response to this flood of dark money in at least 7 Democratic primaries across the country, Senator Bernie Sanders called on the DNC to make it clear that super PAC money is not welcome in Democratic primaries.

As he said: “This is a war for the future of the Democratic Party.” It’s also a fight for our very democracy itself.

Please sign the petition to Speaker Pelosi and other House Democratic leaders: Take a stand on corporate dark-money misinformation ads, including from AIPAC and its affiliated PACs. Denounce this onslaught of spending that’s targeting progressive women of color.


AIPAC claims to care about the safety of the Jewish people—but they endorsed over 100 Republicans who voted to undermine our democracy and overturn 2020’s election results.

These same anti-democratic right-wingers spew antisemitic and white supremacist hate. They support the January 6th insurrectionists, many of whom wore and flew Nazi symbols. These ideologies endanger all of us, particularly marginalized people such as Jewish Americans.

AIPAC’s support for right-wing extremists is out of step with the majority of Jewish Americans, most of whom are concerned about antisemitism from the right-wing.

As Summer Lee’s campaign said, voters deserve leaders “who know that our struggles and our safety are interwoven.” We are safest in solidarity with one another.

Because of AIPAC’s anti-democratic stances, the Young Democrats of Michigan have called on Democratic candidates to stop taking money or endorsements from AIPAC.

We’ve got to defend our democracy, including the multiracial pluralism upon which our democracy rests. And we’ve got to support bold progressives who are connected to their communities and willing to fight.

The Democratic Party is going to lose in 2022 and beyond if corporate interests keep throttling popular, progressive young leaders by dumping millions into Democratic races—while propping up candidates who oppose our popular agenda.

Please sign the petition now to call on House Democratic leadership to denounce AIPAC’s dark money misinformation campaigns.


In solidarity,
Team Rashida

P.S. Here are the names of AIPAC’s super PAC and its affiliates, in case you come across these ads yourself and aren’t sure who’s paying for them:

    United Democracy Project
    Democratic Majority for Israel
    Mainstream Democrats PAC





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