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Tell Radiohead: “You Don’t Belong” in Apartheid Israel

Stand up for Palestinian rights and cancel your concert in Tel Aviv


The British rock group Radiohead is planning to entertain Israeli apartheid with a concert in Tel Aviv on July 19, 2017.

Help us get the message to Radiohead: “You don’t belong there!”

Palestinians, thousands of Radiohead fans, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ken Loach, Roger Waters, the Young Fathers and tens of renowned artists have all called on Radiohead to cancel their Israel gig.

And during the band’s US tour, Radiohead fans unfurled banners at concerts and published articles in the press to get Radiohead to turn away from playing apartheid.

On June 6, Radiohead will kick off the final leg of their tour, with stops in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Poland, Belgium and France.

We need your help to make sure Radiohead hears our message loud and clear throughout their tour. Take action by:

  • Joining the Thunderclap to Radiohead

  • Creating a buzz on social media. You can use our sample tweets and memes

  • Joining or organizing a creative action at the Radiohead concert near you: Drop a banner along the route to the concert, leaflet fans as they enter, or hand out signs for concertgoers requesting a selfie from inside. Take photos and videos, and share them with us:

Sample tweets and memes:

Don’t play apartheid Israel, @Radiohead. You don’t belong there.

No one regretted boycotting Apartheid South Africa. @Radiohead, cancel Apartheid Israel.

Don’t be a creep, @Radiohead. Respect the Palestinian picket line. Cancel Israel gig.

It’s #NotOK, @Radiohead, to cross the Palestinian picket line. Cancel show in Apartheid Israel #OKNotOK

Hey @Radiohead, if your support for justice isn’t “mere rhetoric”, you’ll cancel gig in Apartheid Israel

Hey @Radiohead, during apartheid South Africa, artists stayed away. Time to do the same with Israel.