The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

Educational Resources and Curriculum Internship

Position Description
The first task of the intern is to help MRSCP survey Madison-area secondary schools about what, if any, curriculum is now taught regarding Middle East affairs. The survey would also include what resources are currently available to students regarding Middle East affairs, such as books or films. The survey would also include who teaches this curriculum and whether they are interested in input regarding resources and speakers, films, etc.

A second task of the intern would be to compile a list of grade-appropriate recommended resources regarding Middle East affairs that could be made available to interested area teachers. In addition, the intern may investigate whether there are charitable foundations that would fund or donate these materials to schools and, if so, write grant proposals to the relevant foundations if any schools express interest in the materials.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in university, college, or technical college. Interest in primary and/or secondary education and rudimentary knowledge about Middle East affairs are pluses, but not required. MRSCP will help an intern develop such rudimentary knowledge prior to starting the project, if necessary.

The intern will work with MRSCP volunteers to develop the survey and a plan of work, and then check in weekly with a member of MRSCP regarding her/his progress on the project. The intern will have considerable latitude to shape the project based on their particular knowledge and strengths. The project will end with a presentation or write-up by the intern along with any relevant data regarding their findings. MRSCP will provide any verification or fill out any required paperwork that is required from the intern’s school if receiving credit for the internship is a possibility.

This internship position is unpaid, but MRSCP will subsidize expenses incurred by the intern in order to complete the project, if necessary, up to $200.

Start Date/Duration
Because this internship must be completed during the school year, interested applicants must work on developing a strategic plan for the project by the middle of August and begin work on the project at the beginning of the school year. Or, if second semester is the time for the internship, the intern would have to develop the plan by the end of winter break.

How to Apply
Applicants should send resume, contact information, and a brief cover letter explaining why they are interested in the position to rafahsistercity (at)