The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

FEBRUARY 25, 2005
“Voices, Images and Hearts”

Barrymore Theatre
2090 Atwood Avenue
5:00-9:30 pm

Celebrating Solidarity from Latin America to the Middle East

An Evening of Solidarity Films and Food– Featuring Saul and Greg Landau, Special Guest renowned cinematographer Haskell Wexler, and Evening DJ by rapper “The Iron Sheik”. Part of the sixth annual Cinefest.

This event is a benefit for the Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua, Madison Rafah Sister City Project and Madison Arcatao Sister City Project. Tickets are $10/$5 for students, and are available at the Barrymore Box Office or at WCCN, 122 State Street.

5-6 p.m.: Reception/Social Hour with Arabic and Latin American food for purchase.

6 p.m.: The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising in Chiapas, directed by Saul Landau, 1996. Just before dawn on New Years Day 1994, armed Mayan Indians declared war on the government of Mexico. They seized eight towns in Chiapas and set in motion events that ripped away a facade of prosperity and stability to reveal the other Mexico. Calling themselves the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), they demanded land, public services and Indian autonomy. This documentary features in-depth interviews with people from EZLN, as well as others involved in the conflict, and examines issues surrounding global economic integration.

7:30 p.m.: Syria: Between Iraq and a Hard Place, directed by Saul Landau, Sonia Angulo and Farrah Hassen, 2004. Saul Landau presents the Wisconsin premiere of his film that examines present-day Syria. The country lives with the tension of maintaining centuries-old traditions in the face of modern culture and economics, the aftermath of the war in 1973 and the decline in U.S.-Syrian relations since the Iraq War.

8:30 p.m.: Rock Down Central America, directed by Greg Landau, 1989. This music documentary follows a Nicaraguan reggae band back to its hometown. Filmed during the Sandinista revolution in 1988, it captures the culture and political aspirations of the people of the Atlantic coast region of Nicaragua, along with a lot of great music.

Contact: Barbara Alvarado mascp at For more information on the other films to be shown this week, see Cinefest or contact Willie Ney at 262-2811.