The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

Public Policy Internship

Position Description
The intern will help lay groundwork to build a statewide public policy advocacy network among progressive anti-war and social justice activists on issues relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The intern would develop a list of relevant organizations around the state and directly contact each one to determine whether they would be willing to actively participate in such a network and whether they are aware of any other organizations that should be contacted.

The intern will create a database of the organizations s/he contacts along with summaries of each of her/his discussions with each organization. The intern will also collaborate with the MRSCP Faith Community Outreach intern to determine what members of the faith community might be interested in public policy advocacy.

Applicants, must be currently enrolled in university, college, or technical college. Applicants should have an interest in public policy advocacy and grassroots organizing relating to social justice issues. A rudimentary knowledge about Middle East affairs is a plus, but not required. MRSCP will help an intern develop such rudimentary knowledge prior to starting the project, if necessary.

The intern will develop the organizational list in cooperation with MRSCP volunteers, and then check in weekly with a member of MRSCP regarding her/his progress on the project. The intern will have latitude to shape the project based on the progression of the project and the input they receive from the contacted organizations. The project will end with a presentation or write-up by the intern along with any relevant data regarding their findings. MRSCP will provide any verification or fill out any required paperwork that is required from the intern’s school if receiving credit for the internship is a possibility.

This internship position is unpaid, but MRSCP will subsidize expenses incurred by the intern in order to complete the project, if necessary, up to $200.

Start Date/Duration
This internship can be performed at any time of year. It should be completed over a semester or a summer.

How to Apply
Applicants should send resume, contact information, and a brief cover letter explaining why they are interested in the position to rafahsistercity (at)